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At Swe Bee USA, we make all of our beeswax products from 100% all natural raw beeswax, the cornerstone ingredient of our skin care line and candles. In addition to using only pure beeswax, we also keep the rest of our ingredients all natural and organic. You will find no chemicals here. Only the most wholesome ingredients are used to keep your skin looking and feeling moisturized and nourished.
The story behind Swe Bee is interesting. Our first product, the Bee Salve comes from an old Swedish remedy for Psoriasis. While in Sweden we came across this amazing salve, it was the best moisturize we have ever tried. We ended up purchasing the recipe and together with an esthetician here is the United States we altered the recipe a little to make it more of an multipurpose salve but still kept the all the ingredients as the original recipe. With amazing feedback from your customers we decided to expand the line to Lip Balm and Candles but made sure to only use the same high quality waxes and oils.
We now have our original Bee Salve in both Lavender and unscented/Natural. The Lip Balms comes in three flavors: Eucalyptus, Citrus and Unflavored. The Swe Bee candle is unscented as a lot of scented candles are actually not to good for you. The candles does have a sweet natural smell from the beeswax. Do not forget our gift set. It’s a nice box with already ready for give away as the ribbon and bow is already printed on the box. The Gift Box comes with 2 Swe Bee Candles, 1 Lavender Bee Salve and 1 each of our Lip Balm. The perfect gift for any occasion.

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