Calm Sunburn with Beeswax

Calm Sunburn with Beeswax

Beeswax is fast becoming a sought-after remedy for many skin disorders. From eczema to acne, beeswax provides not only a cure but also a preventative for the disorder in the first place. One of the most potent threats to our skin today is the very sun that we depend on for food and warmth. After a day at the beach, you quickly realize the power of the sun’s rays. That flushed, irritable sunburn can quickly make you rethink the hours that you spent enjoying the sun. But there is a solution. Beeswax can be what you are looking for both to reduce the effects of the sun’s rays on you skin and also to heal any sunburn that you may have already sustained.

Beeswax is the perfect protection for your skin. Its rich Vitamin A content and moisturizing effect fosters the growth of skin cells, producing healthy, resilient skin that is ready to face the world. The best protection you can give your skin is to keep it healthy since healthy skin is best able to defend itself. But in addition, beeswax also provides an external layer of protection against environmental factors. The wax’s anti-allergenic and germicidal antioxidant properties give your skin added protection against the threats around you. Not least among these threats to your skin are the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The Health Physics society has defined ultraviolet (UV) light as part of the electromagnetic spectrum between 100 and 400 nm or the part between visible light and x-rays. Exposure to the sun is essential for our synthesis of vitamin D, but too much sun can cause damage to the skin. The UV rays penetrate into our skin and interact with the chemical melanin, which converts these harmful rays into heat energy. However, too much sun can overrun the melanin defenses and kill the top layer of cells. This UV radiation damage touches off enzymes which repair the damage, but sometimes the damage is too much for repair, and harmful mutations can occur, greatly increasing the possibility of skin cancer. As you can see, it is essential to block as many of these UV rays from reaching the skin’s surface. Many beeswax sunscreens also include an additional amount of coconut oil
, which also effectively blocks many of the sun’s harmful rays.

If your skin has already been burned, a good quality beeswax salve can help restore both its health and vibrancy. The high vitamin content in the wax boosts the formation of new skin cells, effectively replacing damaged skin with new skin. Anti-inflammatory properties take away redness while antiseptic properties help to prevent infection. A sunburn’s real discomfort, however, stems from the dryness of the dead skin. Even the slightest touch to the skin is painful. Here beeswax brings relief by forming a protective layer over your skin that not only keeps out harmful environmental elements but also keeps in the moisture that your skin needs. But beeswax goes further than simply helping your skin retain the moisture it already has. As a natural emulsifier, beeswax also adds additional moisture to the skin, lubricating it and making it soft and tender again.

It’s no wonder that the Mayo Clinic recommends the use of beeswax-based lip balm not only for the treatment of chapped lips but also for protection of your lips and prevention of burning in the first place. Other authorities are also recommending beeswax for use in the prevention and treatment of sunburn all over your body. Beeswax is fast becoming the favorite preventative and treatment for sunburn on the shelves today.