Swe Bee Testimonials

Swe Bee Testimonials

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Marge Runnakko
Thank You. SweBee Natural Lotion has given me immediate relief from a bad case of ear canal dermititis and it is ALL NATURAL and inexpensive! I was fortunate to find information about your holistic product on MoreNature.com. A recent prescription treatment which was actually eye drops caused discomfort, pain, additional itching and dry skin in my ear canals. I experienced immediate relief from the first topical application of your product. I recommend this product to anyone suffering with the same symptoms.

Geraldine from Florida.
So Impressed that this all natural skin care product has given me such amazing result. I apply it at nighttime to my hands, face and cuticles.

Patti from Florida
This salve is amazing. I use it everyday for many uses. Lips, eye area, rough feet, hands and cuticles. It really works.

Cheryl from Minnesota
Started using SweBee bee salve nightly, absorbed well, made my skin soft and lovely. Use the lip balm everyday to keep my lips crack-free.

Katie from Louisiana
After using harsh soaps at my PT clinic, my hands get really dry and they crack. The SweBee salve is the only moisturizer that help restore my hands to normal.

Vicky from California
SweBee is the best I’ve found helping my dry skin and lips. I have tried them all and won’t travel without SweBee.

Steve from Louisiana
I use my Bee Salve everyday! It has helped me significantly with dry skin on my feet as well as dry skin around my waistline which seems to always reappear in the dry winter months. I recommend the salve for anyone with dry skin.

Kathi from Wisconsin
I want to thank you for this beautiful product. For years I was trying to use regular hand creams and they were just not heavy or moisturizing enough and they either didn’t do anything or made the problem worse. It is the only thing I have ever used that has healed and moisturized my dry, sensitive hands and cuticles. It is so gentle and moisturizing and I appreciate that you also offer it without fragrance or essential oils. Thank you for a wonderful product!!

Wanda from Florida
The Swebee salve is so silky. I like the way it feels on my face. I put makeup right on over it. Works like a serum.

Jean from New York
I just want to say that I love the bee salve, in the winters my hands get dry and crack, when using your product, there was no sticky residue after use and my hands didn’t chap at all. The lip balm is awesome too.

Chuck from Iowa
My wife brought home the Bee Salve and I put in on some scabs I have on my arms and it seems to keep them from drying out and itching.

Aradhika from Florida
A few months ago my husband and I started using the bee salve nightly. I use it as lotion on my face now and just love it. The rough spots on our skin went away and we did not have chapped lips this winter. I am going to buy some for my kids also, who are away at college.

Madeline from New Jersey
These products are amazing!!! I was introduced to SweBee to treat my dry, cracked lips but quickly learned of other benefits. I now use SweBee as a moisturizer for my face, hands, cuticles and feet. I’ve given SweBee’s gift packages to friends and they too rave about the products and candles. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, natural product!!!