The Multiple Uses of Beeswax

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One of the most versatile of natural household products is beeswax. The discovery of the multiple uses of beeswax has created high demand for it worldwide. For example the EU’s annual beeswax import exceeds 6,000 tons annually, most of which is taken to Germany, France, and the UK. The United States alone annually imports 2,195 tons of beeswax. The popularity of beeswax and its high demand makes sense given the multitude of ways that mankind has discovered to use it.

Beeswax as lubricant

Beeswax is often used as a lubricant. As a somewhat oily substance, it can keep a hinge from creaking, loosen a frozen or rusty nut, or make a drawer slide in and out with ease. When applied to a metal piece, beeswax not only lubricates but also can act as a guard preserving the piece from the moist air around it. In time that guard will keep the metal free from oxidation and tarnishing and thus preserve its shiny resilience.

Beeswax for polish

The natural luster of the wax also makes it a favorite for polishing metal, wood, or concrete. Beeswax seals the surface keeping water and other destructive elements out. Buffing the surface with a chamois cloth leaves it with a dark, muted glow that looks professional. Beeswax will also both seal and moisturize leather products such as shoes or belts. It keeps them soft and pliable increasing their lifespan by keeping them from drying out and cracking. This moist leather will remain tough for many years.

Beeswax for skin and body

Beeswax also has many health benefits for the body since it is formed naturally from chain alcohols and fatty acids. Its rich concentration of hydroxypalmitate, oleate esters, palmitoleate, and palmitate blend to produce properties that make beeswax key for maintaining skin health and vitality. Skin is over 60 percent water, and beeswax seals the skin, keeping in moisture needed for a healthy, vibrant look. Of course, our skin serves as a barrier keeping harmful elements and pathogens out of the body. Beeswax doubles that guard, insulating the skin from environmental dangers by forming a protective shield. These properties make beeswax an essential ingredient in many lotions and creams designed to treat dry skin.

In addition, beeswax also has a medicinal quality that keeps skin healthy. The high vitamin A content in beeswax stimulates the production of skin cells while boosting the skin’s ability to ward off infection and skin disorders. Beeswax also contains the necessary antioxidants needed for a healthy complexion. When acne or eczema have set in, the anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax diminish the red, blotchy look while the antiseptic properties bring lasting treatment and healing by reducing the infection. The escalated production of skin cells spurred by a high vitamin A content speeds up the healing process. Once the acne infection is under control, beeswax will moisturize the skin with an emollient effect that yields a fresh and vibrant complexion.

Beswax the multiwax

The vast array of uses for beeswax has put it in high demand today. More and more people are finding that beeswax is incredibly useful around their house. From the basement to the kitchen, beeswax could be that one missing element to keep your house beautiful and lasting. The health benefits of beeswax are also making its products favorites in the health and beauty sections of stores and pharmacies. Many beeswax products are now being offered online, giving you the convenience of shopping for quality merchandise from the comfort of your home. Take a moment to check into the ways that beeswax can enrich your life and home. Beeswax may be the solution you’ve been looking for.