Why is Almond Oil So Good for the Skin?

Why is Almond Oil So Good for the Skin?

Many people today are choosing almond oil as the best oil for their skin. Its high cosmetic value and natural nutrients make it a very appealing product. From curing dark circles to enriching the tone of your skin, almond oil may be what you’ve been looking for in a cosmetic oil. Sweet almond oil can also be ingested and is believed to have medicinal benefits for the body.

Almonds are classified as drupes, not nuts, and are native to the Middle East and Mediterranean region. There are many varieties of almonds, but they can be grouped into two main divisions—bitter almonds and sweet almonds. Because bitter almonds are bitter in taste and contain poisonous hydrogen cyanide, they are not eaten but are sometimes used to make bitter almond oil. Sweet almonds on the other hand are the type we typically eat and the type from which sweet almond oil is made. Why is almond oil so good for our skin?

Almond oils (both sweet and bitter) have many therapeutic properties. Either one can be used on the skin, but only sweet almond oil is beneficial when ingested. Several of the specific therapeutic properties of almond oil make it the right choice for cosmetics. In the first place, almond oil is anti-inflammatory, thus reducing the redness of infection, especially in acne and eczema. In addition the mild anti-oxidant properties of almond oil bring to the skin what it needs for a fresh, healthy look.

Emollient properties in almond oil also moisturize the skin. When applied directly after a shower, almond oil retains in the skin the water that it needs to remain healthy and soft. Almond oil also brings to dry skin the moisture that it lacks. Massaging the oil into the skin will loosen it, and over time cracks and flaking will heal, leaving the skin smooth and resilient. Because sweet almond oil can be ingested, it is also an excellent treatment for chapped lips. Savoring the sweet taste of almond oil beats enduring the nasty taste of other oils or waxy taste of an artificial lip treatment.

The oily quality of almond oil also brings to the skin a soft glow and mellows the texture, giving skin a smooth, resilient sheen. If you like to wear makeup, almond oil is the perfect makeup remover. Just a few drops help take makeup off, leaving your skin or eyelashes clean. Because the oil has a low viscosity, there’s no nasty oil slick or gunky feel. Using almond oil to remove makeup also applies it to the skin in a single, natural process, so the oil can begin to moisten your skin right away.

Almond oil can also be massaged into the face to treat sagging skin and to smooth out wrinkles. Dark eye circles can be treated by sleeping with some almond oil applied directly to the circle throughout the night. The oil stimulates blood circulation around the eye and will draw out the darkening. Applying a little almond oil to stretch marks or post-surgery scars will often speed up healing and restore a uniform, healthy look.

Almond oil has many health benefits for the skin, hair, and digestive system. It is fast becoming a favorite cosmetic oil and makeup remover, not to mention its medicinal uses. This is why it’s one of the main oils in the SweBee’s Bee Salve. Worldwide the demand for this popular oil is on the rise. As a natural product, this oil is a safe way to keep your skin healthy. Give it a try. You’ll love the results and be sure to come back for more.