Why It’s Important to Use Chemical-Free Moisturizers

Why It’s Important to Use Chemical-Free Moisturizers

With a composition that is 64% water, your skin needs moisture. This is especially the case if you live in an unusually dry or cold climate. The air practically sucks the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and irritated. When this happens, the first thing we usually do is grab some skin lotion and apply a hefty dose. But many people never think about the contents of what they are putting on their skin. They are very careful about what they put in their mouths, but because skin is external on the body, they don’t seem to think that what goes onto it is important. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. What goes onto our skin actually does end up in our bodies, and so it is essential to carefully select what we apply to our skin.

The fact that waxes are widely used in the cosmetic industry means that you have to be on your guard. Think about it! Your skin is the largest organ of your body. As such it is critical that we take care of it. In addition, your skin is what people see. Using products that will leave your skin wrinkled or diseased in the future is not worth it, no matter how good it feels now.

But what you put on your skin doesn’t stop at affecting your skin. Anything that is applied to the skin is actually absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. This can and does take place because your circulatory system does not just contain the major blood vessels (arteries and veins) that run throughout your body. These blood vessels also feed into much smaller capillaries that bring the blood directly to the tissue of your body through a system of microcirculation. They facilitate the exchange of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and other wastes and nutrients. The diameter of these capillaries is often only 5 to 10 micrometers, and the endothelial linings are just one cell layer thick. Consequently, anything that you place onto your skin is absorbed into your blood stream after just 20 minutes! So every time you put something onto your skin, stop and think that it will be going all through your body within half an hour.

Taking care of what goes into your bloodstream is especially important when you are pregnant or breast-feeding. While the fetus is developing inside the mother, the mother’s blood and baby’s blood flow very close together in the placenta. This contact allows nutrients to pass from the mother to the baby and for waste to pass back to the mother. As you can probably guess, toxins and environmental hazards can easily be passed to the baby and inhibit its development.

Different kinds of waxes permeate the market today. By-products of the petroleum refinement process are used to make paraffins, the most prolific waxes out there and also the most toxic. Some of these paraffins have actually been shown to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). The healthy alternative is beeswax. As a natural emulsifier, beeswax brings to your skin the moisture that it needs to thrive. At the same time it forms an almost imperceptible protective layer over the skin keeping out environmental hazards and keeping in the moisture that your skin needs. And beeswax delivers all these properties to you in a completely natural package that is toxin free. So the next time your skin is dry, don’t just grab the nearest lotion. Check the label to make sure it contains beeswax, the most natural emulsifier on the market today. Infact SweBee’s Bee Salve is a great chemical free moisturizer.